The Charm of Yesteryear

Gray chilly days make me nostalgic (who am I kidding, most anything will make me wax poetic about something in my past), and I just came across this picture of my grandmother in her Charm School circa late 1950s. Yes, I wrote "Charm School." My mother's mother, Julia but "Gam" to us, was the owner … Continue reading The Charm of Yesteryear

An agnostic believing in afterlife

I saw a piece on Good Morning America today about a neurosurgeon who just completed a book about his near-death experience. This is a BRAIN scientist (and not really a practicing Christian) describing incredible details about an experience that occurred during a seven-day coma where he had no brain function whatsoever. This¬†Newsweek article¬†gives a taste … Continue reading An agnostic believing in afterlife