Growing Up a Travel Brat

From a Travel Pulse Column Published Aug. 30, 2010 This column was supposed to be published in April and titled “Our California Adventure,” a personal recap of my family of four’s February vacation. It was my children’s first visit to California, so we had planned a whirlwind adventure to four theme parks between Los Angeles … Continue reading Growing Up a Travel Brat


Ten years ago today, My universe collapsed. Launched into space without tether, Staked to the ground, flattened. At the same time floating And searching for foundation, While boulders rained in unison Down upon my shoulders. Now I stand and admire the vast sky. But that weight(lessness), Always lingering Until we meet again.

Now what?

This is the rhetorical question my husband half-heartedly threw towards my hastily retreating body as I practically ran down the escalator from the departure area of Newark airport two weeks ago. We had just dropped our daughter, our oldest child, off for her overnight flight to the UK and grad school in Scotland. The airport … Continue reading Now what?

Growing, Knowing and Other Big Revelations From a Soon-to-be Empty Nester

My baby turned 18 last week. I can practically feel my husband’s eyes rolling right now, but I bet there are more than a few moms out there who would agree with my description of a youngest child. Funny how so many of us always refer to our youngest as the baby, especially since it … Continue reading Growing, Knowing and Other Big Revelations From a Soon-to-be Empty Nester