I just saw Carol Burnett in the mirror

I just had a pre-senior moment. Getting out of the shower with my cute gathered shower cap on, a sideways glance in the mirror stopped me dead in my tracks. Give me a mop and bucket and there I am, a cartoon-inspired Carol Burnett cleaning up during the credits. Only those readers in their 40s … Continue reading I just saw Carol Burnett in the mirror

The Beginning of the End

Two and a half years ago today, on April 17, the darkest corners of my overactive imagination succeeded in trouncing the light, enveloping me in a new reality. That Saturday, my 66-year-old father entered the hospital for emergency abdominal surgery and never came home again. He had undergone a somewhat routine colonoscopy the day before … Continue reading The Beginning of the End

Winnie the Pooh and Wonderful Sundays

One of my favorite Sunday morning rituals is watching CBS Sunday Morning. I always find it thought-provoking, inspiring and ultimately calming... it's good news and provides interesting little nuances and commentary that you can't find anywhere else. Featured this Sunday morning was a spot on the 86th anniversary of the publication of A.A. Milne's first … Continue reading Winnie the Pooh and Wonderful Sundays