You’ve got mail. But not on the weekends.

I'll admit it, I'm upset at the news this morning. I can't stop thinking about it. The world is changing before our very eyes, and I'm mourning the loss already. Today the USPS announced it will no longer deliver mail on Saturdays beginning in August.┬áThe move will save the failing company two billion dollars a … Continue reading You’ve got mail. But not on the weekends.

The Charm of Yesteryear

Gray chilly days make me nostalgic (who am I kidding, most anything will make me wax poetic about something in my past), and I just came across this picture of my grandmother in her Charm School circa late 1950s. Yes, I wrote "Charm School." My mother's mother, Julia but "Gam" to us, was the owner … Continue reading The Charm of Yesteryear