Nobody likes me, Everybody hates me…

Nobody LIkes Me, Think I'll Go Eat WormsThink I’m gonna go and eat worms.

Ok that little childhood ditty is pretty gross, but my husband was just teasing me with it as I was complaining about one person after another not responding to me electronically. Colleagues, friends, moms of my kids’ friends. This is a huge pet peeve of mine… I don’t understand it when people don’t respond to emails and/or texts on a timely basis, or even at all. I’m on my computer all day and connected via iphone when not, so is it so irrational to expect a prompt response from every other connected person in my life?

I readily admit I have succumbed to the 24/7 always-connected universe we now live in, so I have unfortunately developed expectations of an immediate response. Most of the time I don’t even consider actually picking up the phone to try to speak with someone ear to ear! How sad is that?

Toiling away in my basement office (my son calls me a basement dwarf) has no doubt contributed to my seclusion. I am, after all, a Cancer crab so I do like my nice little subterranean shell (when it’s not raining and mildewy of course). But I am hereby setting a goal for my I-quit-my-job-and-I’m-a-blogger-now self: Break out of my shell every once in a while. Pick up the phone. Chat with the crossing guard at the corner. Take an exercise class. (ok maybe start with the first two…)


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